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Do any of these photos make you hungry? If so, we really hope you brought your own lunch, because nothing that you see here is actually food. These images are part of a still life photo series by Melbourne-based artist and photography student TQ Lee. Entitled Inedible, each photo depicts a tasty meal or enticing treat made of indigestible ingredients such as LEGO bricks, telephone cord, papier-mâché, makeup pads and hot shaving cream. After happily not feasting on any of it, you can refuse to wash it all down with glasses of Betadine, turpentine or waxed rolled socks.

Here Lee describes his series:

"As a child of the 80s I grew up with fond memories of still-life, photographic prints of breads, pastas, fruit and vegetables captured in the literal style of the era. The pictures hung in the houses of my family and friends and I would spend hours identifying all the ingredients and looking at every detail.

Nowadays, the humble still life has grown out of favour. Instead, colourful, reprinted advertisements of vintage European beverages add smiles to kitchen walls across Australia. And so, I challenged myself to put a contemporary twist on the food art trend of the 80s. This resulted in my series Inedible - photos of food made from unconventional ingredients.”

Head over to TQ Lee’s website to explore more of his playful creative endeavors or follow him right here on Tumblr at tqlee.

[via Laughing Squid]

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