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As a paranormal blogger, a lot of people ask me about my most favorite horror movie. 

And I have to say this movie. It really gave me the creeps. Also, you may or may not know, but there’s REAL event behind it.

Centralia, Pennsyvania was once a bustling mine town. 

A fire at the town dump ignited an exposed coal seam, setting off a MASSIVE fire that eventually led to the demolition of nearly every building in Centralia — a whole community of 1,400 simply gone.

This fire still burns TODAY. The entire city is abandoned


yep.  It’s sad all those people had to leave their homes.  There are memories here…people loved here.

We used to drive through Centralia every so often for football games. One year it started to snow at the game and when we came back through there wasn’t one flake on the ground in what was left of the town. You could also see the glow of the fire under the town as you drive down the hill.


So here I am, laying in a hospital bed. My incisional hernia repair went as well as could be hoped for. Turns out that I had not one but two hernias. As my doctor put it, “Your stomach wall looked like Swiss cheese.” lol She said she basically built me some new abs with mesh. I’m in a lot of pain as is expected but, I’m happy. I’m ready for this all to be over with. I can’t wait to get home tomorrow and start the healing process.

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